1000, 2000, 3000 color patches - or more color patches to your own choice. the more colors the more accurate your profile becomes!

Printing the test files

If you have downloaded the test file or received it via e-mail, you can print it. The print must be made without any color correction (linear). So you do not specify profiles in your driver or RIP software. Are you printing from Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom? Then you can not enter that you print without color correction. You can then print the test files via the Adobe Color Printer Utility. You will be explained further on the instruction page.

To send

Are the prints ready? Pack them in a sturdy envelope so that no damage can occur. You can send them to our address:

Bedrijvenweg 1, 5688 XH - Oirschot

The test files with 1000, 2000 and 3000 color patches can be downloaded from this website. Of course we also make profiles with (much) more measured areas of color. Have you ordered a color profile with, for example, 6000 color areas? Then you will receive your test files via email.