Are you in possession of a good printer? Then you also want to see the right colors in your prints! If you do not use a RIP or additional printing software, you can use ICC profiles for your situation via your printer driver.

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You can order ICC profiles for your printer here!

Why are the results of our profiles better than the standard profiles of the printer manufacturer? The printer profile describes the combination of your printer, ink and paper. Although a printer has the same brand and type number, 2 printers are never exactly the same. This has to do with, among other things, the sensitive piezo printheads that the system uses. A customized profile for your printer is therefore important to maximize predictability. The more color patches are used for the spectral measurement, the more accurate the ICC profile becomes. You can order ICC profiles with 1000, 1500, 3000 color areas or more. The test files for profiling and can be downloaded via the menu.

For use with a standard printer driver, a RIP (Raster) or RIP (Raster image processor) or via other advanced printing software, you can generate profiles with us. On the printer form - in the download section - enter the details of your configuration so that we can provide you with all the information that is important to you.