On the printer profiling form, you can enter all important information about your printer and paper (or other types of print media). This gives us insight into the possibilities to get the best quality out of your configuration!

Our approach - fill in the Printer Form

You start by downloading the printer form. Here you will be asked for the following information:

  • Make and type of printer
  • Use of original inks or inks from third parties
  • Printer control:
    • Driver
    • Postscript RIP
    • Other printing software, eg MiragePrint
  • How many areas of color you want measured: 1000, 2000, 3000 or more meer
  • 8 of 16 bits profile
  • ICC versie 2.0 of 4.0

Are not all data known to you? No problem, as a service we will discuss it with you! The completed form can be mailed to printer@kleurprofiel.com. We will give you advice on how to set the driver and/or software before you print the test file from which the profile is calculated. With more than 3000 color areas, we make a tailor-made price for you. Of course you will receive a free quotation from us in advance.

Download Printer form as PDF

Workplace checklist - control and assessment

Of course, you want to check the quality of the profile after it has been received. We understand that like no other! That is why you receive a concise report on the quality of the measurements taken for each profile. You can also check the quality visually. On your screen or via a standard light lamp. Because a good assessment from your (photo) graphic workstation contains some conditions, we have drawn up a "workplace checklist". You can fill in this interactive PDF and mail it to printer@kleurprofiel.com. You will receive good advice from us. Download the "Workplace Checklist" form here.

Download Worksite Checklist as PDF

Visual inspection of your printer with our standardized test prints and files

After the profile has been created, you want to check if everything works now! Or do you want to check in advance if you do need a profile? KLEURPROFIEL.COM offers you a number of test files that you can print. At the same time, you can compare these with our GENORMED test prints on matt, satin and glossy media. You can order this test set with us now! This way you can always check whether there is still a dent in your workflow!

Download your control files as TIFF

For use with a standard printer driver, a RIP (Raster) or RIP (Raster image processor) or via other advanced printing software, you can generate profiles with us. On the printer form - in the download section - enter the details of your configuration so that we can provide you with all the information that is important to you.