See what the costs are for measuring ICC color profiles for your printer. You can order ICC profiles with 1000, 1500 or 3000 color areas. This can also be more on request.

Below you will find our rates for measuring ICC color profiles for your printer. Through our company Improve Colormanagement we provide even more services in the field of color management. Look for an overview . on our website.

Our rates

Amount class="numeric">Description Price VAT Price incl. VAT
1 Printer profile
1.000 color patches
€ 35,00 € 7,35 € 42,35
1 Printer profile
2.000 color patches
€ 45,00 € 9,45 € 54,45
1 Printerprofielering
3.000 color patches
€ 60,00 € 12,60 € 72,60
1 Printerprofielering
5.000 color patches
€ 75,00 € 15,75 € 90,75

It depends on which media you use or the use of more color areas leads to visible results. Generally speaking, the following rule applies:

  • for uncoated media: 1000 color patches
  • for matt standard coated media: 1500 - 2000 color patches
  • for semi-glossy and luster media: 2000 - 3000 color patches
  • for matte fine art with matte black ink: 3000 color patches or more
  • for luster fine art with photo black ink: 3000 color areas or more

You can of course deviate from this if you wish, but this list is a guideline for the very best quality.

To create a profile for your printer at your location and / or to arrange your postscript / PDF RIP - within a radius of 100 kilometers - we charge:

  • € 75,00 per uur excl. VAT
  • CALL-OUT costs of € 0.40 p/km

You can also use a ColorCard subscription.

Method of payment:

After your color profiles have been made by us, they will be emailed to you and you will receive an invoice from us.

An iDeal payment link has been included for immediate payment. The final payment term is 20 days.